Science Fair Kick Off Assembly
 Monday, February 6th 2017
 10 AM - 10:20 AM for grades 4 - 5
 10:30 AM - 10:50 AM for grades TK - 3
 In the multi purpose room (MPR)

Science Fair Exploration
 Wednesday, February 8th 2017
 8 AM - 9 AM
 Vintage Hills Library
 Students will be able to search for books for ideas and also purchase display boards.
Boards will be on sale: White, and Black for $5 each.
  This is not a supervised event. Students must attend with an adult chaperone.

5th grade Invention Convention
 Monday, March 20th 2017
 All school day
 In the multi purpose room (MPR)
 Information page is here

Science Fair Registration
 5th graders do NOT have to register their projects, unless they want them entered into the school wide science fair on the 22nd.
 Please register your project online prior to March 20th.
  We are not accepting any registrations/experiments the morning of.

Science Fair Interviews
 Wednesday, March 22nd 2017
 9 AM - 12 PM Interviews/Presentations
 In the multi purpose room (MPR)
Students will be called from class to present their projects to interviewers

Family Science Night
 Wednesday, March 22nd 2017
 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
 In the multi purpose room (MPR)

The Science fair is:
  • A fun event to encourage students K through 5th grade to have fun with Science
  • To demonstrate that 'Science can be fun'.
  • To stimulate and nourish a fond interest in Science.
  • To promote understanding of and creativity in the Scientific Method of Investigation.
  • To promote self-discipline (character trait) necessary to accomplish the project.
  • To promote science education at all grades by individual presentation of science projects.
  • To give the students a sense of pride and accomplishment derived from participation.
  • To foster a lifelong appreciation of scientific processes in preparation for life in an increasingly technological society.

 registration deadline is March 20th. No projects will be accepted the morning of. The experiments must not be messy, and everything must be labeled. Unfortunately we will not have labels available.

 You can download a PowerPoint version of the Science Fair Assembly here

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However we urge you to please consider the environment before printing any of this information.

 You can download a Word version of the Science Fair Booklet here